ministries of Little Union Baptist Church

Below are the ministries of the Little Union Baptist Church.  If you are interested in learning more about a ministry or would like to join, please contact a member of the ministry or the church at 703-221-4994 or via email at

  • Audio Visual

    The Audio/Visual Ministry is committed to cultivating an atmosphere that glorifies the Lord.  We seek to use our gifts and talents in creating an environment that is worshipful and seamless in our presentation and production.  Our team manages the audio and video streaming production for services.  Our goal is to be an invisible part of each worship service to enhance the congregation's worship experience.

  • Bible Study

    Bible Study is held every Wednesday at 12pm and 7pm.  The purpose of Bible Study is to provide Christian education through the study of God's Holy Word.  


    The purpose of the Drama Ministry is to spread the message of Jesus Christ

    through acting, writing, designing, and other creative gifts. Using the talents of members

    of all ages of the congregation, the Drama Ministry performs biblically inspired dramatic

    and comical plays and skits for the enjoyment of the entire church body. Point of Contact

    is Deaconess Gwendolyn Washington at 703-221-4994.

  • Food service

    To provide our church with food service support when approved by the Pastor, the Chairman of Deacons or the Chairman of Trustees. Our responsibilities include the purchase of and accountability of food, supplies and equipment. The food service ministry will prepare and serve food during programs and events officially sponsored by LUBC. Other food service related support may be provided on a voluntary basis when approved by the chair person. The chair person retains the prerogative of coordinating and approving menu capabilities and determining the appropriate level of service or support to be provided. 

  • men's fellowship

    Our purpose is to provide the men of Little Union Baptist Church guidelines on how to make Christ the central figure in our lives and how to become more Godly in our daily lives.  This is accomplished in a forum by fellowshipping, teaching, facilitating, and the sharing of Christian experiences.  Men’s Fellowship is a group of men who are committed to serve our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.  

  • mission

    The Mission Ministry will provide a Christian outreach to aid those in need of clothing, food, and limited finances.  They will serve as the liaison between the Church family and those within the Church requesting assistance and community organizations that provide assistance.  Members of the Ministry will attend training seminars to gain knowledge that will help the Church minister to those in need.

  • music

    Our purpose is to glorify the Lord in song and lift our voices in praises to His name. The gospel is good news; and the good news is that God has made a way to reconcile His children back to Himself through His son Jesus Christ who shed his blood upon that old rugged cross, that whosoever believeth in Him, shall have eternal life. We carry this message in our songs.

    The Music Ministry consist of the Bells of Joy, Male Chorus, Unity Gospel Choir, Young Adult Choir, Praise Ministry, Dance Ministry, and Drama Ministry. The Mass Choir combines all LUBC choirs.  

  • The New Members Ministry will welcome new members by providing them information about the Church and its Christian beliefs.  Members of the ministry will also obtain biographical and contact information from the new members and provide that information to the Church Clerk, the Church Administrator, the Trustees, and the Chair of the Deacon Board.  Additionally, they will maintain regular contact with new members for at least 90 days after they join the Church or until the new members have become acclimated to the Church.

  • pastor's aide

    The Pastor’s Aide Ministry provides assistance, as required, by the Pastor.  The Pastor’s Aide Ministry meets monthly and is responsible for supporting regular worship services, revivals, special programs, and special guests.

  • prison

    The Prison Ministry is designed to help inmates through discipleship that begins while incarcerated and continues to a successful transition back into society as a faithful servant of Christ and productive citizen.  Jesus provides specific guidance about visiting prisoners in Matthew 25:35-40.  We are called to embody Jesus' heart and show forth his compassion to prisoners.

  • senior citizens

    The Little Union Senior Citizens Ministry is a church and community outreach ministry.  Our purpose is to recognize and provide the senior citizens of our Church and the seniors in the community an opportunity to praise God and fellowship together at an annual banquet.  

  • The Little Union Baptist Church Scholarship Ministry seeks to encourage and support all LUBC students in their studies from grade school to post-graduate education.

    Annually we present the Little Union Baptist Church W. Ervin Green Memorial Scholarship and the Mary G. Porter Award to graduating seniors, along with recognition of all LUBC students for their accomplishments during the previous academic year.

  • sunday school

    To teach God's word to people of all ages in compliance with the divine commands in the Bible as referenced in the Old Testament, Deuteronomy 6:7,  Isaiah 54:13, and New Testament Matthew 28:19, and John 6:45 to bring about spiritual growth to develop a relationship with God and His son Jesus Christ. To train students how to faithfully live in today's environment by instilling in their hearts and minds the principles which Christ taught, lived and died for.

  • transportation

    The purpose of this ministry is to provide transportation via the church van to church-related functions and activities.

  • usher

    The Usher Ministry is the first point of contact, serving as greeters to usher worshippers into the Lord's House extending a friendly smile and warm welcome. The Usher Ministry is devoted to ensuring the comfort of worshippers during our services, events, and programs. The ministry consists of adults, young adults, and junior ushers.  

    Better is one day in your courts than a thousand elsewhere; I would rather be a doorkeeper in the house of my God than dwell in the tents of the wicked. Psalms 84:10  

  • vacation bible school

    The purpose of Vacation Bible School is to provide youth and adults a week of exciting, thematic, and age appropriate Bible instruction by introducing youth to Jesus as Savior and building adults’ relationship with Jesus. The nightly (Monday through Friday) 3 hours of hands-on activities and interactive instruction are designed to excite youth and adults about the study of God’s Word and to help develop a meaningful relationship between attendees and church leaders. Point of Contact is Deaconess Gwendolyn Washington at 703-221-4994.

  • willing workers

    The goal of the Willing Workers Ministry is to foster Christian love, compassion, service, interaction, and encouragement of others through support of community functions and activities sponsored by the Church.  Participation is voluntary and open to all members willing to serve.

  • women's fellowship

    Our purpose is to provide the women of Little Union Baptist Church guidance toward forming a relationship with Jesus Christ, making Christ the primary focus in our lives and striving daily to become more Godly.  This is accomplished in a forum of regular assembled fellowship, teaching, facilitation, motivation and sharing the Christian experience.  Women’s Fellowship is comprised of women who are 18 years and older committed to serve our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.  

  • The goal of the youth ministry is to teach our youth through the word of God to see Him in their everyday lives and to appreciate everything that is made by Him. Additionally, the ministry will equip the youth with the tools necessary to live Christian lives at home, school, or where ever they may be. We want them to learn to walk and talk and even sleep Christ, so they would not want to be without Him as the center of their lives. We want them to see that you can love the Lord and have fun at the same time.
    Ecclesiastes 12:1aProverbs 22:6 and II Timothy 3:15